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Taekwon-Do is the Korean Art of Self defense:

Tae, meaning jump, kick, or smash with the foot.
Kwon, meaning to punch or destroy with the fist/hand
Do, meaning Art or way.

So the literal translation would be the Art of Foot and Hand. Taekwon-Do involves the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, dodges and interception with the hands, arms and feet to defend oneself against one or more opponents. The emphasis here would be DEFEND as Taekwon-Do is not an aggressive Art, quite the opposite in fact. It is best described in Grand Master Park's own words in the follwing paragraphs.

"Most people have a misconception of a martial art and can't see beyond the visible physical aspect, but the benefits of training in the Art of Taekwon-Do are much more than the eye can see.

Many of the values we learn as part of Taekwon-Do philosophy will help us in everyday life. As we learn self-discipline and self-control, we become more tolerant of others and this is necessary with today's fast changing attitudes of societies world-wide, in which ideologies are being blended to create a new world philosophy. Awareness on all levels, developed through concentration and technique proficiency, will assist us in avoiding negative situations as we become more alert and cautious. Through the positive energy we generate, our self confidence is felt by others, as our actions demonstrate confidence in our ability to defend ourselves. Knowing that we have the knowledge and skill to defend ourselves in any situation, builds self-esteem and gives us an exhilarating feeling of self worth.